As I Discover Hope

Something inside me rose, i don’t know what it was,
i think about this new feeling, as i ponder on the thought i watch. And wait.
still i watch as around me the world goes on, the clock just ticks away. tick, tick ,tick.
i feel as though i am a great scientist who has just discovered something, something great and extraordinary.
i feel exposed but somewhat alive all at the same time.”what can this be?”, i ask myself. i keep this question in my mind as my life passes me by.
that’s when i realize, i have discovered something great, i have discovered HOPE !

It's kind of short. But this was the first ficlet I ever posted, I was eleven. I didn't capatalize, but I think that makes it kind of interesting. I don't know if my writing has improved that much since then though. It makes me miss Ficlets (not that I don't like Protagonize) but. Yeah, there it is.

The End

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