The Original Random Thoughts Diary

My "random thoughts" started long ago. Basically I'm posting this for Eloosive since he seems to find them funny. I'm sure 11-year-old me would be proud. It appears I got hold of a thesaurus in some of these thoughts...

Simply because I am rather more idiosyncratic than yourself is hardly any conviction to condemn me of idioscy. Quite frankly, I have grown bored of your tedious tinntinnabulations and will now relieve you of my prescence. -age 11

If I was in a sword fight with someone, I would rather have a metal flashlight than anything - or at least an umbrella... If someone seems you walking down the street with a sword, you'll probably be thrown in jail for attempting murder. Think about it. -age 11

My dear Sir or Madam, It has come to my attention that you recently lifted a bag off my person and are now scanning through the pages of this tome. I wish to inform you that you will find absolutely nothing pawnable in my bag - unless your buyer accepts used lip gloss, phone cards, and/or buttons. But I doubt it. You see, I am pretty much broke. Yes, yes, I know there's a reciept in the pocket of my bag that says I have some money in the back, but I can only access about half of it, anyway. Sucks, don't it? -age 12

"You're so immature," said the phantom to the poltergiest -age 13

Interesting Sign Language: American Peace/Victory Symbol = Up Yours (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Malta). American Texas University Sign = Your wife is being unfaithful! (Mediterranean). No wonder nobody likes Americans. -age 13

Checklist for an unknown purpose: costumes, wigs, contacts, cottonballs/cardboard, armadillo?, waffle maker -age 14

And that man fishing off the moon is always stealing my catch -age 15

Yet another unknown checklist: porphyry, porcelain, Bon Jovi, one way brain, barbeque iguana -age 15

The End

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