My Parents

What my parents mean to me

is so much more than they can see

Sometimes I seem to get very mad,

but really, I have never had

a day without loving my parents.


They mean the life of everything sweet

They warm me in coldness and cool me in heat

They mean the life of happiness and love

I will always enjoy the meaning of

my wonderful, caring parents.


My dad fixes things that can't be fixed,

he unscrews lids and opens pixie sticks.

He tickles me whenever I'm sad

He holds me when we both are glad.

Oh, how I love my dad!


My mom is comfort when I'm in the dumps

She brushes my hair when it's in lumps.

She listens to me when I am a bother

She helps me keep peace between me and my brother.

Oh, how I love my mother!


My mom and my dad,

When I'm happy or sad

They'll love me forever

and we'll always be together,

Oh, how I love my parents!


- age 10

The End

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