Giving Up and Letting Go

I wrote this when I was about 15 or 16 and my sister 11 or 12. Lack of punctuation included.


My little sister is growing up

And she is beginning to venture

Exploring life in her little world

Sure to find great adventure


Being the older, I'm overprotective

Being the younger is hard

It's like she's got two mothers to obey

Both of us have up our guard


But that's a mother's place not mine

I have to let her go

She's so much like me in my ways

I don't want her to be just so


I protect her from my flaws

I want her to excel

I push for her to understand

But she's younger, and can't tell


I'm just trying to help her

But I've got to step back

She'll fly on her own wings

Carry her own burdens on her back


How else will she be independent?

How else will she find the right path?

For I can't help her, but give advice

And advice is what she hath


How will she use it?

Will it help her to succeed?

I've got my own trials and burdens

I can't give to all her needs


So I'm giving up and letting go

The bird will touch the sky

She just may need no push at all

To spread her wings and fly.

The End

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