Original spelling mistakes have been kept in for authenticity. :)

Your minding your own business when your unexpectadly bitten by...

a) a radio-active butterfly

b) former roadkill

c) you didn't see what it was...

d) an avenging newt!

e) your own shoe (after stepping in a weird-looking puddle)

Your really annoyed because it bit you on the...

a) butt

b) nose

c) big toe of your right foot

d) pinky of your left hand

e) belly button

What color was it??

a) black

b) white

c) glowing

d) invisible, apparently

e) neon

Where do you decide to go now?

a) home - you've had enough

b) the library - free internet

c) the park

d) the cemetary - OoOo

e) a friend's house

You enter the boundaries of wherever you're going and...

a) all the lights go out

b) nobody notices you

c) you chat it up with someone you never noticed before

d) everyone screams and heads for the hills

e) nobody's really around (or if they are - they're really quite)

What is going through your head??

a) "What's wrong with these people?!"

b) "Oooo... Shiny!"

c) "Why can't we be friends?"

d) "I'm going to go now..."

e) "Let's blow this popsicle stand!"

If you answered mostly...

a) Whatever bit you must've been a long time coming - who knows how old it was (it defenitely looked prehistoric to me). Anyway, you can now stop and restart time at will, no rewinding or fast forwarding, though - tough break, buddy.

b) Those voices in your head have taken shape in front of your eyes - too bad they're deceased. Hopefully you won't be too creeped out, but you can always start a cable-access show with phone-in loved ones for a quick buck or two!

c) Those invisible bugs are the worst! But now you can borrow their trick and cause mayhew, or just hide from bullies - whatever, either way, your invisible! Just hope it's not permanent.

d) This should be fun - you cause chaos wherever you go, be it with electricity, people, or gravity. The whole chaos thing can be powerful, and you can expect to accidentaly blow up a few cell phones as you try to master it. Still, though, who wouldn't want to be able to black out the school at will?

e) The news isn't good, buddy. Quite frankly, you're a mess. Those horns and fangs, for instance, but they could come in handy I suppose. Heh. Wait a - oof! - get off me!!! GAAA! (burp)

Written at age 13 for no good reason whatsoever. I think I was quite a bit bored at the time.

The End

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