Orangey the Cat

The following is an approximation of a story I wrote at the age of six. I don't have the original copy, but I can still remember most of the plot, and I can probably simulate my six-year-old writing. So yeah, just an approximation.

Orangey was an orange cat who lived with his owner. He was lazy and loved to eat. One day Orangey woke up and looked out the window. He saw a tornado!

Because Orangey was fat, he couldn't run away. The tornado picked him up and he was flying through the air! But the tornado was gone. Now he was flying because he had turned into an eagle!

Orangey caught a mouse and was about to eat it when something bad happened. Now he had turned into the mouse! But he shut his eyes and when he opened them he was the eagle again.

He flew up into the sky again. He was having lots of fun! But then the tornado was back! Orangey was scared. He was about to run into it!

Orangey woke up. He was in his bed back in his owner's house. He was a cat again. "Yay, I think lunch is ready!" he said.

The end.

Yeah. That's Orangey. Actually, I think the original was probably even worse. But I was six! That was good for that age... But here's a fun fact: through my entire first grade career, Orangey inspired about three sequels. I think one involved aliens.

The End

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