I am grateful for...

Iam grateful for...
art, artists and adventures.
Balls, balloons and birthday.
Cats, colours and countries.
Doves, drinks and dogs.
Eyes, eggs and Emily.
Food, friends and faith.
Growth, greens and glasses.
Holidays, help and hands.
Ideas, index and India.
Jumping, Jack and Jerasulem.
Kowala Bears, Keys and Kings.
Louise, London and Literacy.
Money, Mum and Myself.
Names, noses and non-fiction books.
October, ovals and oldness
Poppies, Posts and Pots.
Roads, Roses and roses.
Summer, Sunday and satin.
Tomorrow, today and turces.
Underpants, underground and underwater.
Voices and vilins.
Weekends, water and windows.
X-rays and xylophone.
Youngness, yaughts and yellow.
Zante, zebra and zebra crossings.

Written when I was 7 or 8 and copied with the same spelling and grammar mistakes. I believe 'vilins' is meant to be 'violins', but neither the present-day me nor the teacher who marked this piece of work could decifer the word in italics. In my old handwriting, it could be 'tunces' or 'turmes' (the latter making sense as a spelling mistake for 'terms'). But, I've put it as it is because that's what it most looks like on the page ;)

The End

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