= E n e r g y =

Persistently you revolve,

Within your resolve can you shadow me from a doubt,
Can you call me out,

Can we shake hands and have no sorrow,
Under shadowed,

Persistently we revolve,

A spinning top, trapped in the veins of tenacity.

I keep going, 

Ludicrously you dangle your heart before me,

A strange energy departs, but returns in the form of anger,

We reverse and recycle, the dissipation of this apparition frightens me.

I never feel the same,
Not really,

Not around you.
We have our burdens to bear,

Our sheepskin to wear,
So from behind the wolves teeth,

How many skins lay dormant to the idea of your own love.
Now I hear hypocrisy, dampening my thoughts,

A stream of heart break extends it’s condolences,
“Nothing is built to last forever…”

They say.

“Nothing is built to last.“

The End

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