Aye I see

a poem on the vanity of mortal life drawn from introspection

Aye aye, i see and its deeper than the depths of Olympus.
i shall not forget for i drank not from the silver river of lethe
the world is what it is.
life is what we craft from nothing to everything.
death comes to those that fear to wake.
we die to be born to an ethereal existence
above the plains of mortality.
to shed the chains that hold us in a wakeful sleep.
I long to pay carron the boatman
to take me across to the other side
for there i become a god and watch over the plays of mortal men.
my body savours the vain pleasures of this existence
but my soul knows better
from an inherently dormant memory
of whence it came and where it was.
i am a god and now
an avatar here in a phase of purification
from an ethereal error.
i come and i go for that is the path i walk

The End

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