Awkward Adolescent Breakup PoemMature

"As Dr. Phil says, a friend is not someone who asks you to stick his penis in your mouth."

Hey you—

I'm sure you remember those last facebook messages,
The ones when you didn't have time for coyness,
When you said that, it scared me a little.
I'm not sure if I was afraid of losing you,
Or just afraid of you.

It's been weeks since then and we haven't spoken,
Not since the juxtaposition of text messages:
"You'd serve a better purpose tied up on my floor" and
"Happy Valentine's Day, dear!"

It was then that I realized I wasn't really seeking
your body. I knew before then
that I wanted you to possess me, own me, and love me,
but I still couldn't see.

You see, unfortunately, my love for you is about me,
and my Mommy issues and Daddy issues
and intimacy issues too. I wanted to be loved,
And if I couldn't be loved, I wanted to be wanted.

At some point I wanted sex, but then
I just wanted you, and the me that you made me
When we were fucking.

I don't want to fuck anymore.

The End

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