Unfurling lips slap dust

send skittering dances

through lifting limbs.

A warm human light

fills buds, to blossom within

the stagnant left side,

bringing survival to the surviving 

as the sun to the six inch deep. 


Filling ivory with calcium,

clicking joints, as though for an audience 

to hear the tin ballet. 

A bloodied heart begins to

sing drunkenly, sailing ship within a bottle 

drifting on easier waters.

Lighting particles in the morning,

lifting their forms onto the air and...


It's life that shakes the nails loose! 

Lifts its subjects into...


Touching armour, as a beetle,

as jewels caught as

rainbows caught through windows.

We unfurl musty wings, walk on our hands,

to march towards the stars. 

The End

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