Awake While Sleeping

I am slipping over
sleep dribbling
on my lower lip,
eyelids sinking
listlessly, succumbing
to gravity so
inescapable; a
slowly stampeding
elephant chasing
me in my pyjamas
across a quilted
mattress surface.

Elbows slipping
on the glossy
wooden top of my
desk, fogging with
the condensation of
my warm breath, my
heart beats in my
ears and I am tired.

It’s coming and it’s
going in an instant,
in a moment awake
it seems while

Push glasses up my
slant of nose,
cracking each finger
then the toes,
stretch arms in
some decadent prayer;
yawn a lions roar
into mid-morning sun blink
the tears back from
my eyes sip moisture
from my ceramic mug
to lips dry with
a weary parchedness.

Chew that Bubblicious
bubble gum, popping
jokes with strangers
on the phone, feel
blood rise in the
vessels up my
spine bringing me
to wake.

The End

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