Awake the Sleeping Lion

This is about belief and believing in yourself. Even if everyone else says you can't do something that Lion inside you will awake....

There is a Lion who lies alone,

A hostile cage to call his home.

Chains and weights clutch his hands;

And pull him down as he stands.


His eyes they burn, his heart is cold;

His coat is raggy, his mind is old.

No- one is there to feel his strife,

He is a captive of captured life.


Yet there is a power deep within,

Who can imagine: only him.

It struggles and fights to be free,

And make his home with you and me.


As he rises from his slumber,

Soon despair is replaced with hunger.

As he lies dormant in his cage;

Deep within, his dormant rage.


A rage so strong the bonds do break,

As he roars the ground does shake.

Look into his eyes, admire his mane,

Around his feet lies his chain.


 The chains and weights they lie broken,

Words of Freedom they are spoken.

Upon hind legs he stands proud;

And through the cage, a roaring sound.


His eyes are deep, his heart is free,

To make his home with you and me.

Because the Lion cannot be bound,

 His oppression shall not be found


Awake the Sleeping Lion,

Welcome in his roar.

Awake the Sleeping Lion,

He shall sleep in you no more...


The End

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