nicholas fury, nick.

you let the world believe your best friend was dead 
you headed a massive, powerful, corrupt agency 
you made mistakes over and over and over again

and you just keep making them 

one eye and no trust left in you 
you don't know what it is to live peacefully anymore 
and you learned long ago that everything hurts less 
if you just don't feel at all. 

and the day you unearthed captain america, well. 

you brought him into a world full of bullets and misplaced faith 
where everyone he knew, everything he believed in was dead 
all-american patriotism is for the founding fathers six feet under

and for once in your life, 
for the first time since your brother condemned you to one eye 
you feel a pinprick of regret 

and you burn it from your memory 
you have some nasty, tough decisions to make 
you can't afford to feel 

people are going to die if you simmer in guilt. 

people already have. 

The End

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