wanda maximoff.

they think you're a danger. 

you are red magic, 
not meant to be contained, not meant to be delicate
your natural state is destructive

and you aren't a kid 
you don't need to be treated like one 
locked up like a criminal and contained like a wild variable 

your brother was the wild one 
you were always the worst of the set, though

there is a lot to be said for being young and angry at the world 
being able to bounce back and being able to control magic 

they want you to weaponize it. 
they want you to control it 
to learn to make it a tool

but it is alive
it is part of you, and it will not be handled 
it will rebel against you and try to protect you 
and all you can do is deal with the fallout of instinct

your brother was the charismatic one, clever and quick 
you just did what you had to do to survive
and sometimes you wish you'd gotten to be the teenager you are

young and not held accountable for your mistakes 
not expected to be the thing they want you to be 
thing, easily categorizable 

so yes, 
you fight back. 

(he would have wanted you to)

(your natural state is destruction)

(you could rain fire upon this world)

and you break out of their grip
and you let yourself breathe

(guilt is an occupational hazard)
(what have you gotten yourself into)
(you are so far over your head)

and you take a lungful of water
and you learn to survive underwater
drowning, subsisting. 

The End

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