anthony stark, tony.

aaand here comes my love for comic characters

you are wires and circuits. 
electricity makes you feel alive
coffee drying in gloppy dregs in abandoned cups 
white ceramic grimy from workshop dust

you don't have friends. 

so you make them 
out of your last sleepless hours of useless university 
pushing yourself to the edge, brink that only youth can pull you back from
you create them and they have faulty programming 

and it's your fault 
you know it is 
but you don't care

you keep them that way. 
(having them around, endearing and clumsy 
faulty, faulty, faulty 
makes you feel a little less broken.
and at the very least, 
broken things are familiar.)

(broken things are fixable.)

(nice that sometimes there's a reminder of something you can fix.)

(if you chose to.)

(you won't.)

you think, 
the world would be more bearable 
you would be better
if only you could be circuits and wires

(you aren't.)

The End

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