Autumn's Here

Its that time of year, yes Autumn's here

Lets get outside for some fun

Leaf piles will be jumped in, cider will be drunken

And we'll laugh and play in the sun

Halloween is here, its time to fear

Witches and ghosts are roaming around

Children Trick-Or-Treating, scary screaming

And an eerie laughing sound

Orange, Red, and Yellow leaves, all falling from the colorful trees

A beautiful sight to behold

Good times with friends, that aren't wanted to end

Lovers hands that hold

Now its Thanksgiving, a time worth living

where gratitude is shared

The turkey cooking, the amity enduring

And the friendship thats always there

Yes its that time of year, yes Autumn's barely here

We all wish it could last forever

A goodbye said, a sad tear shed

But we will see you next year my friends, however :)

The End

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