Autumn Shades.Mature

As I look,
The leaves do fall,
From branches bare,
Their height so tall.

Of colours mild,
The autumn shades,
Before good time,
Appearance fades.

I love the time,
That I spend here,
Watching sunset,

The cold, dark night,
So harsh but calm,
Makes peace around,
And slumber on farm.

As sunrises,
I plan to explore,
To go down in the mist,
While others still snore.

As the latch opens,
On my face I do feel,
The thrill of adventure,
For now it is real.

I run between oaks,
I skip between ash,
The joy of the autumn,
Through sunlight I dash.

I wish to continue,
But others will ponder,
So I run back through,
My everlasting wonder.

I open the door,
And run back to bed,
To dream of my venture,
Of autumn instead.

The End

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