I've always had a fascination with Autumn. I guess it was only a matter of time before i wrote about it lol :3
feel free to comment, or add to it! i'd love to hear about your favorite seasons <3

the  breeze gently reminds me,

just like the fast fading light in the sky,

that its time to go-

go where, i don't really know,

but the autumn leaves at my feet blow in a direction thats good as any to go.

i walk the forlorn path into the forest,

leaving behind humanity and the glittering existence of man-kind;

i find myself next to a gilded cabin,

reflecting the fiery oranges and muted reds,

the pale yellows and brilliant golds of the forest in which its entrusted.

perhaps its only my imagination,

but the trees seem to be shouldering each other,

each trying to loom over the others and see...see what?

it cant be little ol me in my faded tee and ripped jeans,

it cant be me, i am nobody next to these goliaths-

but why do their limbs seem to bend to me,

like knights falling to one knee before the king?

the sky brightens,

that final burst of light before the the end of day,

and the intermittent beginning of night-

the autumn leaves swirl,taking to the air,

and dance around me, flitting through my hair

and prancing merrily upon my skin,

my small intakes of breath seem to alter the wind-

the breeze rises and falls with each giggle that escapes,

i am one with nature,and nature resides in me.

the thistle replaces my skin, molasses rushes in my veins,

and the starlight's glow glimmers in my iridescent eyes,

the bark of the trees clothe me,

and the leaves find home against my scalp-

 Autumn's dryad home at last.

The End

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