F A C I N G
                  O B L I V I O N


“I know you do. I love you, too. I promise.

                                                Whatever happens… I love you, too.”


I . Dawn

We woke to the sound of death.
Forlorn sobs pattered around outside,
guttural, devastation wrought lungs
explode through foreign screams;
a mild testimony amidst the gunshots.

She stood by the window,
her ivory gown juxtaposed against the crimson vein of morning.

Her eyes filled with the reflection of burning butterflies;
a scorch mark in the sky of forever,
retched slowly across obsidian snowflake;
ash cascaded in ominous spirals,
moonlight licked the beautiful descent.

“What’s happening?”
My question remained a question.
My eyes came across the world,
transformed by night,
revealed and exposed.

Her beautiful body stripped of essence,
tapped of all aesthetic,
clad, now, only in the turgid fumes of war.
What removal of our atmosphere,
what brings this upon us?

Our ivory tower jutted free from the world;
a piercing Caucasian spike in the scarlet shudder,
our haven, our safety… our eternal embrace.

From here, we can see everything.
For now, we seem safe.

II. The Night Before

We moved like the whispering pendulum of ocean;
she moved like a soft tide against me,
my body shifting, swaying,
kissing each pressure point with motion,
behind me, the sun fell rapidly in the sky,
a burning halo of judgement tasting it’s earth children.
Drawing patterns through the gloom,
we traversed twilight,
like a flat stone spits across a lake.

She looked up at me from those solar eclipse eyes;
a cerulean haze meshed together with the azure of sea,
her pupils; glossy full moons, kissed with the faintest of stars,
 pressed tightly over the glowing circle of suns.
Those eyes, pressed into me like stones;
burning stones humming slightly against my skin.
I was in her like a birthmark,
like I had always been there,
like I was always going to be there,
like I was meant to be there.


The candles around us fled softer surfaces,
kissing only the deep shadows of our silhouettes,
etching favours of resplendent passion into our fandango.
Swept from beneath us, the floor,
it dazed and flooded fantasy…
Because reality no longer existed.

“I love you”
she said.

She was in me like the most beautiful plague.

There was something deeper in this venomous intoxication,
every little star stuttered, thieving a second of time,
then blinking out of existence.
Leaving us swirling in eternal gloom,
…and though I could not see,
I felt each breath,
each swish of a dress,
and the music stopped…

…but our song carried on playing.

III. Morning

Before me, the sun rose rapidly in the sky,
a burning shell of gunfire, whispering it’s sins in confession.

Hand in hand the world entered a crush,
here the dying had no friends,
terrified and alone, people ran,
searching safety, seeking solitude in their final moments.

 Hand in hand, we watched on
as the world evaporated in ghostly mists,
dreams expiring and perspiring before us.

 It’s moments like this,
That I wondered…
Is this what it’s all about?



 A spray of gunfire spattered,
piercing through our glass ghost of protection,
one metal bead pecked my arm.

I fell to the floor in pain,
I writhed like a cocoon of skin on fire,
pressing my ichor into the floor.

I rained words into shadows,
I crushed patterns of blood into pieces,
I blasted a barrage of love into her eyes.

IV. Noon

White plaster split, our cocoon frayed,
bursting forth with no beautiful aftermath.
The shimmering spit of cruor laced my arm,
a tattoo parlour of displeasure written in depth,
shuddered in ulterior motives,
tarnished by the morning’s last bleedings.

Sol, pressed on by an invisible scarab, spilt over us,
bearing down through a dark smut of cloud.
A charred sky hung, lymphatic against the turgid smog.

A barrage of hell fire forced our hands,
having tended to my arm,
(Left in a tattered fray of ribbons,)
we were made to surrender the comfort of our home.

Hand in hand, we faced oblivion,
chaos ensued,
pretty patterns of death,
shredding their welcomes around us.


 We had raced across the blitzed town;
they still fell in a pattern that you’d call around us.
Fires struggled against oxygen
like a midnight moon thrashes against the ever-prevailing sunlight.
These solar winds crashing through the concrete columns,
drifting with them, dark sands and debris.


V. Afternoon

We were hand in hand,
face to face,
eye to eye
but we saw nothing.

 Thick plumes of smog suffocated us,
my eyes hurt from the pounding in my skull,
from running, from burning, from bleeding,
from trying to fight back the tears.




“I’m sorry”
I say


The words creep thoughtlessly from my mouth.
My ribcage can’t contain the burden behind it,
hammering against dark walls of ivory soaked in scarlet,
it thunders for that circle, that bright white circle,
the dream that you breathe.

“Why are you saying sorry?”
She asks

“Because I am scared.”

Thoughts flickered through my mind,
I knew this could be the last minute of my life.
I tell her that I am scared,
that the white circle around her finger;
punctuated in fancy things that don’t mean a damn,
isn’t the promise it was meant to be,
I tell her I can’t stop this,
that I am not her God,
that I hate myself for not being who I thought I was,
not being who she thought I was.
For not being strong.

She looks up…
Her eyes.
those exact stars I mentioned.
flickering in the flames.

And she tells me,
“No one can save us now.”
and for some reason we smile,
for the first time since morning.

VI. Twilight

Another bomb.


Tearing away at my face, my arms,
as I hold her tightly to the beating chasm of my chest.
We’d flittered through town,
 two fireflies in the midst of a nuclear hurricane,
this burning wind crushed down on our war-speckled city.

 Dark sands and figments of metaphor shred,
a splash of crimson veils my sight,
echoing the colour of the sky.
Now I see in Apocalypse red.

 We lifted like dark creatures on the surface of the sun,
scattered through the tall wobbling scales of city,
retracing footsteps, bleeding molecules,
spitting blood from my eyes.

 We were inside
and for some reason, everything was familiar.

An ocean is inside her,

full of love and envy and fear and hatred and suffering and emotion and death and life and jealousy and depth and freedom and lies and love and sacrifice and beauty and ugliness and death and callous words and violence and children and mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and all the times we shared and all the times we didn’t share, and the cigarette she didn’t want and the too many drinks we shouldn’t have had and all the sex that we wanted and all the sex we didn’t and all the love and all the pain and all the hatred that splashed around our skulls…

All of it like tides of death rolling around,
pressing their mighty claws of diamond,
straight through our beautiful eyes
and out on to our soft, white cheeks.

VII. Night

Crepuscule passed,
then the night stunk of silence,
a crooked, jagged silence,
the kind that would smash your heart in two.

Soldiers paraded slowly,
dressed in the darkest of colours.





A shadow lurked behind;
a colour unimaginable.



“I love you”
she whispered from a storm of sorrow.


They stand just outside.


I looked at those glorious eyes,
those magnificent eyes…

Every time, perhaps for the last time.

“I know you do…”
she says…
almost convincing herself.
“I love you, too.
I promise.”

 Her eyes drop,
she studies the floor.
Her voice deepens,
it softens,
it struggles with the words.
“Whatever happens…
whatever happens…
I love you, too.”

VIII. Midnight

I don’t say a word.




The four men enter,
their masks spilling no truth,
each carries their symbol.
a crown and bow,
a sword,
a scale,
a scythe,

(lit dimly in the ethereal trace).


Without word,
they wrap their mighty hands around our necks,
spider webs of blood crawl through my eyes,
a net of fear speaking for the beady white bugs,
dread plagues me…
I thrash,
kicking with my hollow boned legs.





Powerless to stop,
powerless to look away,
as one by one,
they rape her.


 Taking her soul,
taking my soul.
Treading the river of water,
stepping one step away from me
with each pulse of a heart,
with each breath turned to gasp.


Each thrust,
skin torn,








Physical pain,
mentally… she’s irreparable

body shudders,



Heart falls deeper,
she shudders.




When they are done, they leave,
I’m weak, and torn,
she’s dead forever.
Her mask broken,
a fervent sob cracks through the twilight hours,
raining midnight dust on our shells,
spilling our breath,
tracing our footsteps,
passing our heart beats.

IX. The Morning After

 Behind me… the sun rose slowly,
a burning womb, crushed in the city streets.

 We’ve climbed up our ivory tower...
now a sheet of white, feathered in deathly ruby.
Burnt in darkened cinders.

 From here we could smell the salt of ocean spray;
carrying the stench of the dead.
She told me about the time we first met,
described it as if I hadn’t been there,
she told me about how her heart raced,
and how she smiled so much that it hurt.
She told me how she knew immediately how much she loved me.
She told me she loved me.

 She told me how they dug her eyes out with their finger nails,
how they scratched at her insides with their hands…


In the midst of this madness, between the sun plunging into the sea,
and the dark asphyxiation of ash  wrapping it’s sick halo around our lungs,
she found the words to break my heart.


 I was terrified.
I was beautifully burnt,
she was so much stronger than me.

 And that ring that begged of me to protect her,
that voice of eden, carrying over the waters,
nothing could ever sound the same.

I could taste the dead on the wind.

And with one last blistering shock,


the sun sunk, bleached in pure white,
thundering the ocean apocalyptic…


I had only one thought in my mind…
I’d never see those eyes again.


The End

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