The Club


Shoo-ba-dee boo-whop

And I'm tapping my feet.

The trumpet plays,

The smell of smoke fills my nose


Ba-dee-ba dee-ba dee-ba.

The double-bass thrumming,

Two notes

Loud and clear.

I can taste it in my mouth

Something fine

Something divine

And then it starts

All over again.



I feel the beat in my liver

The scat man is playing his mouth.

He's playing...


Bop-ba-de-bop-ba-de bop-a-da-doo-whop

Oh yes, they're playing alright

The smoke and the laughter

One more time

I want to stand up and shout!


Dum-de-dum de-dum de-dum.

At the club.


The End

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