Carpe Diem

When I reach across and touch your face
You flinch,
Every time, and every time you return
To let my inquisitive fingers roam.

"It's like a spider," you say,
And smile,
I can feel your eyes relax and
The corners of your mouth turn up.

What is a spider but a flittering
Touch that jitters across my skin
Like the footsteps of angels?

"You are beautiful," I say, "inside
And out."
"You can tell that from touch?" you ask,
And this time I smile at the silliness of your words.

"Make me a coffee."  My demands are so small.
You shake your head, your stubbled cheeks
Moving beneath my fingers like organic braille.

I can make it myself, rising and moving
Through furniture I've kept unchanging:
A solid foundation for everyday life.

"I can't help it, I envy you," you say
At this I laugh, to cover my embarrassment,
Of course you do, I think,

My life is what I make of it.

The End

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