The fiery embers of time

Pales, to my forever ageless face

What cannot be today will be tomorrow

I find,

What I could know, If only I could see

But my eyes have burned so long

In seas of the molten heat

This is heat is me.


I give so easily.


To contemplate my central place

What gives me to right to decide their fate?

Is it the rites of passage, I walked the bed of coals

I sigh,

Yet I set to race, I come up in the east

Set my eyeless sights for the west,

And with abominable haste

I’ll end the day.


Await my rise again.


Even Luna has borrowed my flame

A shameless march in the night

But when space permits

May I light the way anew

May I always shine to provide

And when my end does come

I’ll once again engulf those I gave life

I put my faith in their acceptance

Of what has come to be the cycle

And that sometimes

It’s a belief

In the endurance of the final mile

That will allow you to live on forever

For once I assume the catalyst

We become many

Not few

Thanks for reading. RIght now I'm am supremely tired, but I decided to finish the poem I started in about half an hour. Unfortunately I'm right on time in my time zone but forgot the contest is GMT. Good luck to all.

The End

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