Live large you drunken joker;
you rambling party clown.
Delusion falsely builds you up
but truth will grind you down.

Cease your careless ranting
to let saner thoughts abide.
Give heed to one internal voice
that's croaking down inside.

I'm sulking deep within you
slowly stewing in your bile.
while your hedonistic habits
hide your hate and self-denial.

Go ahead and punish me,
though I don't know why you would.
I've saved your life so often
sopping poison from your blood.

Yet, you still abuse me
as you swill the lager down.
Drinking slowly stews the brain
as your other organs drown.

You may hope to live without me,
but I promise you won't win.
Your mirror soon reflects an ass
with lemon-yellow
jaundiced skin.

The End

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