Across the way from me she stands.
High above all,
a thing of immense beauty,
yet to call her that, a grave injustice.

Words... music... even pictures;
no medium
could ever capture her radiance.

Loved by all,
worshipped by some.
Truly a divine being
in the eyes...
the dazzled,
blinded eyes...
of those whose sight she graces,
so generously
with her presence.

How could I,
a mere... thing of the darkness,
being one with the preying shadows
and the terrible night,
ever hope to be with her?

The light that shines inside me
is pale and dead by comparison,
a mere ghostly reflection of hers,
and my very movement,
the slightest shift toward her
makes her feel as though something is...
and she begins to leave.

Giving chase proves as futile as I would expect.
I was never meant to have her...
Divine forces grant her speed
and hold me,
her pursuer
her admirer
eternally at bay.

...We're worlds away.


The End

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