(I jumped in for a quick lap while the water's warm)


Stevenson's Monster



you can't hear the screaming men

who shout distractions and broadcast colours

they left me hollow inside, and their c__ts

twisted, gnarled beggars stealing my thoughts

yes, the color, have you considered

the connection

red and reading? People will die

and no one is concerned with the raptures


Bummm Bumm BUHM bumm -/ buhmm buhmm

Buhmm Bhmm  bum bum de dum

Bumm BUHM bum BUHMdedum

BUHM bumble bee bum DUHM buhmm


The bridge offers me sheletr for cello cased pillow

Your rented cages are too quiet - the silence lets them in

It is here they have to drown, I lead them;bait them

to discord, where my vibrato shouts them out

That string of moving headlamps

are one string of six in this; my composition

and every time an angry horn breaches a scathing note,

I'm able to count 4 or 8, 4, 4, 8


- see? Now you relate

times and rhymes.times and ryhmes.times and rhymes


Are these questions or thoughts put into my brain?

Excuse me, have you mentioned the colour red -

have you examined its purpose and for that 

I've spent considerable time pondering

You wish a safe place for me?  It's hear as long as I'm not talking

It's not the talking, it's the hearing, the angry mouth must be shut

An allegro, measured time, LISTEN!  Ple!ase, stop tal!king

I have to turn the chattering away with my stick

The End

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