He and She

He offered her the stars and the moon
In a tone that expected a swoon
And eyes that said “You’ll be naked soon.”

And she… declined.
And then… reclined,
And through thick cigarette smoke observed:
“I believe they’re already reserved
By just a few million other men,
For their podgy, pecking, clucking hens.”

But he laughed loud and clear , undaunted,
While his hard earned muscles he flaunted,
Knowing they would win the heart of one so vaunted.

And she… ignored.
Those arms… adored,
(By he alone, let the truth be known).
She spritzed cologne, and said with a moan:
“Honestly darling,  you reek of sweat -
Do something about that, won’t you pet?”

So he offered to cure world hunger,
Find the fountain to make her younger,
And thought at last he’d finally won her.

And she… said no.
And then… just so:
“You think I don’t eat enough? How bold!
And do I look so wrinkled and old?”
Confronted harshly by her worst fears,
She began to cry bright diamond tears.

He did his very best to calm her -
The most soothing words he did whisper,
While wrapping her in the finest fur.

And she… relented.
And though… demented,
They were married the very next day -
He was deaf to what friends tried to say.
He was ecstatic with his Bunny…
And she just did it for his money.

The End

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