Hideho Heights

'Way from humanity and life's great cares,
There lies a place I love: Hideho Heights.
The day is purest bliss, but through the nights
From out the woods, a sound that raises hairs.

In truth, upon my weary nerves it wears,
For every time I hear't, on go the lights.
And oh!  It gives its strongest list'ners frights,
tears through the bravest soul, it no one spares.

Its mournful cry cuts through the peaceful scape,
Perhaps it speaks of horrors now long past.
Or wails a warning, "Danger there!" it cries.

I lay awake, my quilt across me draped,
To't listening, 'til morning light is cast,
And cry is calm, heaving a peaceful sigh.
- - - - -
(note: In my mind I pronounced the title "hi-DEH-ho HEIGHTS.")

Judges, fellow competitors, casual passers-by, I humbly present you with my lowly entry.  I did what I could with the given beginning, and hopefully it is not too painful to read.  I'm personally fairly pleased with the results, but you draw your own conclusions.

The End

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