Hideho was a character,
Oh yes indeed he was.
A poet and philosopher,
He argued every cause.

He loved Jazz and Satchmo,
He gave black poets a voice.
Unacceptable alternatives,
Made him object to choice.

He debated human conditions
In a casual comedic manner.
He approached racial rights,
Yet carried no official banner.

Melvin Tolston , educator and poet,
Used Hideho to express his views.
He didn't solve the question of race,
But he left some fascinating clues.

Melvin Tolston (1900 - 1966) was an African American educator, poet, columnist and politician. His last work was a book of poetry called Harlem Gallery. It was published just before he died in 1966.

Hideho Heights was a main character in many of the poems. They  were an assorted mix of tales that discussed the human condition of an African American artist trying to succeed in a white society.

The End

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