The cold beeping in a sterile hall

You never wake

Dawn comes, yet one more Autumn day

But never breaks


Mumbled platitudes and shuffled feet,

Ignored, you sleep

A year gone by, eyes closed in dreaming

Long, dark and deep


Counting of a metronomic beat

I can not sleep

Break through glass, to fall to asphalt sky

Shards cut me deep


I kiss the glass into a flower,

Break through to wake

Scenes replayed a million times before

Now ice, it breaks


You've lived within the dark for so long

Year without light

Eyelids flicker to hold back the pain,

Regaining sight


I breathe and break through, from beneath ice

I see the light

To see the world, pain is a small price

Straining for sight


You return, awaking from your sleep

Tears on my face

I see you, I'm rising to my feet

And we embrace


The End

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