Final Round!

In this finale, Elzu and Bill, you must present us with a fully formed, progressive, and innovative Epic.

Your Epic must be a story in and of itself, illustrated in the powerfully condensed form of poetry which you have both proven yourselves adept in.

Your story line does not need to be complicated [for example, I would consider both "The Raven" and "Dulce et Decorum Est" to be Epic in style], however, you must have both characters and dialogue. Your challenge is, of course, to make this natural to the poem. The Epic should not be forced, but be a fluid and reasonable extension of the more minimal poetry you have been submitting so far [for example, instead of your singular moments or thoughts given in shorter poetry, revealing further by going into both the past of the speaker and coming to an encompassing conclusion in the last stanza].

To make it an Epic, though, you must explore your understanding of diction. Present, if not a grand story, then one that solidly fills its space with a confident tone and defined purpose through the words it uses. Progress naturally from moment to moment, as in a small story, and come to a conclusion. Just present it in poetic and Epic form.

You must have at least one other character besides the speaker. The character must progress [as in not a static or unchanging character] and the character must speak.

The dialogue doesn't have to be long, but it can be. A sentence, maybe, or even having a character or speaker go on for an entire stanza. Just know that speech of some kind must be included, it can't all be actions and thoughts.

For this particular round, you will be given a week to create your work. Your piece is to be submitted by midnight GMT on the 15th [next Thursday].

Good luck!

The End

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