Winter wound, white whirls wrapping round,
Icicle kiss, shifts the ocean abyss beneath.

 Blankly, I stare, a message before it’s making,
I am both metaphor and myth, a treasure worth seeking.

Bobbing through the ocean, a storm seeks our sails,
Dark bristles of cloud march echelons in trails, (Entrails)
Ominous crackle of impervious sky, ambling forward in a crush.

Taste of sweet storm air,
the sea prickles and washes it’s scent unto me.
Creaking, I feel us crash over heavy crests,
Blankly I stare, a message before it’s making.

Dark plumes reap sky air, pitching over the tide,
Crushing deeper inside.
Men fall about me,
Moving their bodies around me.
Screams and shouting,
They know now they might die tonight.


I am leaving behind my message,
The blood of emotion scratches my skin,
an ink of all the memories,
remembered in me.

 Open eyes. (I’s)
I stare, left with words in my mouth.

Within this vessel I reside,
Contorted within this glass ghost,
I shift,
a breath of sea remains the last that I shall breathe this day.

And in a moment of forever, the world cascades, ebony fluttering through the electricity dampened corridors, my costume chips and bounces around, but I remain unharmed. I settle comfortably within the safety of my enclosure, watching the men ripped apart at the seams, by heavy water and broken beams. 
The vessel tumbles and the ship goes down, captain in tow,
I am the last reminder of the beating of his heart.

Beating for all that it was worth

beating for a promise to come home. 









Beneath the world,
Crystalline ceiling,

Deathly and bloated,
eyes bulging in the heads of the drowning men,
The men that left their marks on me.

Around the ceiling I travel,
Spitting myself out of a fractured sk(H)ull

I move around,

Deep blue sea pressing me,
I read myself out aloud.

“Forever and a day”

“I will be waiting for you”


I search the darkened skies,

Now pocked with the strings of sun rays,
Leashing their dark children back. 

Far from me, land seeks my moment,
And one day my moment may come,


And my message may be re(a)d
But the feeling will always be blue,
My skin is always vellum,
filled with his last thoughts of you.

The End

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