I began as a minor threat but I grew,
I gathered strength, I built up force.
Then I stormed the battered coast
With the fury of a vengeful Neptune.

I raged for five days in late August,
Wreaking havoc wherever I hit land.
Wind and water were my weapons,
Death and destruction were my toll.

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,
Were hit hard and fast, without mercy.
Most citizens of coastal cities off the Gulf
Fled before the onslaught of my advance.

One coastal city fared the worst of all,
It was damaged more, and suffered most.
My massive storm surges were relentless,
The levees burst, and the city drowned.

Four summers have come and gone,
And yet my rampage is not forgotten.
There are still scars that cannot heal,
Shattered lives that cannot be rebuilt.

The End

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