On to the poets!

EvaPrincessa vs. Bogbrush

Your title is Come Dance with Kitty Stobling.

Here is the original poem, by Patrick Kavanagh:

No, no, no, I know I was not important as I moved
Through the colourful country, I was but a single
Item in the picture, the namer not the beloved.
O tedious man with whom no gods commingle.
Beauty, who has described beauty? Once upon a time
I had a myth that was a lie but it served:
Trees walking across the crests of hills and my rhyme
Cavorting on mile-high stilts and the unnerved
Crowds looking up with terror in their rational faces.
O dance with Kitty Stobling I outrageously
Cried out-of-sense to them, while their timourous paces
Stumbled behind Jove's page boy paging me.
I had a very pleasant journey, thank you sincerely
For giving me my madness back, or nearly.

Know, however, that your own poem doesn't have to have a single connection with the original besides that nonsensical title.

Play with whatever form or ryhme or style or, really, even topic you wish! Just keep that title!


The End

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