Round III and Final

Again, I will summarize the two rounds in this branch once they're over.

Until then, just ignore this ;)

Arg. I need more characters before I can post this. Hm. I have an idea.

Come Dance with Kitty Stobling

Hobbling, Monsieur Kitty Stobling pounced

With puffed pads and nails

Tickling the chinks between the wires.

Petal crisps of curtains tumbled

With a chuckle of Autumn in the yellowed lighting

From papered windows.

He leapt, tendering the fence tips.

Each bone of string, vibratoing chords,

His body sounded

In the yowl of stars.

Come dance with Kitty Stobling,

Come dance on the painted lines and headlight spots

Dance to the symphony of chainlink

And sing to the metal lords.

The End

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