Once upon a year,

There comes a time,

After summer,

Before winter,

After everything's hot,

After everyone's sweaty,

Before everything's frozen,

Before everyone's ice cold,

The leaves start to fall.

The breeze comes,

The Harvest's done,

It's not too cold,

It's not too hot.

Not a hat is needed,

Neither coat nor boots.

You can jump in the leaves,

Or sit high in the barren trees.

You can go door to door,

collecting treats,

Or dine on a Thanksgiving Feast,

Enjoying every bite you eat,

Each one so sweet.

You can go for bike rides,

Or for jogs on the trails,

Engoying the crisp, blue, air...

It's called Autumn,

And when it comes to you,

Enjoy every bit of it you can get,

And give thanks to the one that gave it to you.


The End

The End

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