Auschwitz Stew

Another Nazi war crime one...Comparing the systematic demolition human lives at the hands of the nazi's to the preparation of a meal...Sad stuff again

Russian, Thief, Gypsy, Jew

Prepare to join the Auschwitz stew

We’ll tenderise the precious meat

By whipping, beating with hands and feet

We’ll string you up we’ll beat you down

When at a sudden the klaxon sounds

We herd you up and take you there

Where this stew we will prepare

Into the shower rooms you go

We’ll ‘disinfect’ you head to toe

Then into the chimney house

Your bodies free from every louse

We bubble you up in our great fire

Your ashes then go up the spire

Russian, Thief Gypsy, Jew

Prepare to join the Auschwitz Stew

The End

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