Well, this is something I came up with after reading a post on William Beckett's blog ( He's a writer that always puts ideas in my head, makes me think. Anyway...this used to be mine, but I gave it away to my friend, Rachel, because she loves it so much. So, enjoy!
Please, please, please comment about something SPECIFIC whether you're a hater or a lover...or whatever you are. Please?

there’s a thousand things we could be
you and i
and the stars go on wheeling overhead
like a ferris wheel
the cosmos spinning on forever
just like us
just like us
this relationship we’re staging
this plastic flower
that’s never the real thing
no matter how much we pretend
oh, they swallow the lies
i can tell
it’s the way they want to believe
i feel the same way when i’m with you
you’ve got me twisted and confused
none of this makes any sense
but lets have another drink
and maybe the sun will set the world on fire
but nothing matters when i’m with you
and the stars will leave and the sky will fall
(but nothing matters when i’m with you)
and maybe the world will go on spinning
like the cosmos
(just like us)
just like us
this relationship like a plastic flower
staging the real thing
i swallow the lies
and lay awake for one more night
in september i will be gone
The End

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