Attending a wedding *hint hint*

Me and my boyfriend Jelle went to a wedding. He's very practical and I'm... well.. romantic.

I caught the bouquet

to my lover's dismay.

He wasn't looking

when girls were a'pushing.


He was just chatting

and kind of relaxing,

when shouts in the air

said, "Jelle! Look there!"


And there I was waving

and grinning so wide,

I felt like a fool

when he dully replied:


"At least four more years

then we'll have to assess.

For marriage is more

than a cake and a dress."


And there I was wounded

and trying to hide

the pain in my stomach

and yearning inside


So I'll sing on silent

and ever so quiet

Just hope in four years

that I'll still be here.

The End

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