Atop This Wall

Why should I try to make sense of it all

When thus far all endeavors have failed

Why should I struggle to win in this world

When each chance that I’ve had I’ve assailed


What can I make of the pieces that lie

Broke and scattered in front of my view

What is the purpose of picking them up

When it’s clear I don’t know what to do


Why should I hope for the darkness to leave

And the sadness to fall from my eyes

When it’s clear I will never give up this charade

And stop hiding behind all the lies


I’ve gone through these questions again and again

But the answer is always the same

That I don’t have the answers, not even a clue

And I’ve only my own self to blame


For I’ve pushed away everyone who ever tried

To assist me and show me they cared

And I’ve burned every bridge that my path ever crossed

Just to prove to the world that I dared


So I stand all alone with no friends and no home

And no future to speak of you see

And no reason to live, so no reason to give

Anyone any chance to reach me


For I know what they’ll say as the coax and the sway

Me to come back from off of this ledge

But I’m on my way down to my hole in the ground

My next step to become my last pledge


But I’m frozen in fright looking into the night

At the city that brought me to stand

Here atop of this wall, so I’ll try all in all

Reaching out to take the angel’s hand

The End

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