Wandering aimless through the dark and the light

Wandering faithless day and night

If I were to stop walking what would I find?

If  I were to believe again would I still be blind?

Never felt quite right since I gave up my beliefs

Never had that moment of blissful relief

When did it become so clear that I was alone?

When did I discover that there was no reason to atone?

If I still believed in heaven and hell, 

Would I be who I am now?  It's too hard to tell

Is it okay to envy, the faithful and pious?

Can I still wish that I was still so self righteous?

Atheist they call me, but is that what I am?

I wish there was a god, for me to damn

To take all the blame and the responsibility 

To take all the power away from me

But I feel that there isn't in this barren heart of mine

I feel cold and empty where I used to feel fine

I can't pray like I used to because no one is there

I have  nothing to believe in and nobody cares

The End

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