At the End of Day

I need to stop pretending that everything’s okay

That I’m completely happy at the end of the day

Because I know I’m not and no one else sees

That everyday I’m falling apart at the seams

Of course no one sees

Because I’ve hid it well

That I’ve kept my mouth shut when I’ve had things to tell


I know it may seem that this may not be true

That everyone could have known, and I just never knew

But that’s not the point, it never was,

I just felt for the longest time that I’ve been pushed and shoved,

But not by friends but by everyone

Because when I thought that I could count on you

You tossed me aside like I was yesterday’s news


I know I’ve changed and it may have not been for the best

Because when I realized this I found a huge gaping hole in my chest

That I can’t believe that I kept it undone for the longest time

Now only wishing that I didn’t fall apart and kept on the climb

Because now it seems I’ve lost everyone dear to me

 That I drifted so far out that I’ve been lost at sea


I want to go back to how things were

But I know that can never happen because it can no longer recur

It seems now that I was the one to blame

To be shunned upon and put to shame

This may come out a bit too strong

And I don’t mean to make this look wrong

It just seems that it’s better to let go and leave

To start over, and begin to grieve

Because I can’t keep pretending that I’m okay

Knowing I’m not happy at the end of the day












The End

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