At The Door of the Cage

It's about forgetting fear and standing up for oneself

I'm smiling in the face of my enemies

Painted in blood in front of the bull

I'm making a point of standing tall and great

Because for once I want to wield the sword and shield

I want to be the architect of my fate


I want to bade farewell my regrets

No more of losing and being second best

I can only try and use what's within me

I can only be as good as I can be 


I can't listen anymore to a conscience flailing

I can't take the advice of my friends, they're failing

I'm defined by what I choose to be defined by

I'm reaching for something greater, to stand in the sky


I'm biting at the cage door tearing the metal

Though I know it's hopeless, they won't contain me forever

Stuck in a hole but scorching the earth

My phantoms and demons to die

I celebrate being stronger, a rebirth


Another hope to set my self free

Another chance to rise and claim back destiny

In the darkness and the black I marshall my senses

No longer clouded by fear, and steel my defences 



The End

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