At the brim of the World

Something cliched about life's morality and perspective.
I have nothing against William Shakespeare's writings or philosophy. In fact, it was my reverence for him that drove me to write this piece.

‘All the world’s a stage…’ wrote William Shakespeare
So what about all those people with stage fear?
While they dread for their own lives and stay afloat
By building a fortress and digging a moat.

We appreciate the blue skies and the ocean’s gleam,
But seldom give thought to the young woman’s scream
As she is ravaged from within by the immoral rambler
And her light fades away slowly like a dying chandler.

Those humans bound by their own discrimination
Run by the loathsome thoughts of a dominant nation
That bans the very pleasures which keep us sane,
Those rightful actions that keep away our pain.

I picture a beautiful valley, with a lake in the middle
But I run out of those sweet thoughts and think of a riddle
As to why we still sit here painting a superficial scenery,
When out there is a world driven by a vengeful artillery.


The End

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