At The 63rd Street (Lorong 1963)

Disappointment and grief showing up in the eyes of democracy. The failure of a country formed in 1963 to resolve the religious and racial tension despite living together with different people regardless of race, religion, skin colour and life background.

One day, I walked on the streets
My neighbourhood, the place that I lived
Filled with undesirable truth
Maggots are queuing for a treat

I wonder where are the seers
Prophesying on the latter rain
They have to run away
Destined to move into better path

Should I move on?
Should I stay on?
O the wonderful residency
Where everyone lived in hypocrisy

Thus the days have gone by
Come forth the higher tide
Promising misery and great distress
Teaching youth a dance of death

Where are the people?
Promises are sweet
Milk and honey
Where are the assistance?

Life as we call it
From a child to an adult
From a larvae to a butterfly
The process is a struggle

School has failed education
Condoms in exhibition
Safe sex is an answer
O the morality has fallen

Children are well-beloved
Teenagers are well-behave
Crisis entered, turned different
Adults are left alone

Welcome to the world
Life is good, life is bad
Love is seen but love is blind
Turn other round, turned otherwise

Cracks are sniffed
Smoke weed is a medicine
No one can afford for education
Young people enrolled into prison

Riding, young and old
Jaguars and Maybachs
Owned by gang members
Well-respected than the President

Preachers crying to God
‘Save us’, they said
No results showing
The preachers have not repent

Rental is a must
Houses are not meant to buy
Taxes are worth a million
In return, millions in hell

Satan is laughing
‘Oh look, there are the pariahs’
Agony has stricken
No one has revered

Many are called, few are chosen
I deserve in the chosen
I live to loosen
The strings of corruption

Fear not, my child
The Lord has spoken
I hear the voice speaking
He is in my aid

I will live as a martyr
I will die as a warrior
I will fight a good fight
Become an example to another

May the Lord be my guide
In my fight, He strengthens
Behold, the Lord is my Strength
Whom shall I fear?

I wish to see difference
One day, I walked on the streets
My neighbourhood, the place that I lived
Filled with peace, harmony and serenity

The End

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