At Night

There's something in the closet

There is something in the closet,

At night it makes a ruckus,

Unbearable, a remarkable fracas,

Sometimes I hear flesh devoured,

Bones smashed, and meat mangled,

My thoughts tend to wander within vile visions,

This imagination becomes tangled,

The mystery awaits,

Before I can stop,

The door knob turns,

The hinges breathe silently, nothing creaks,

I must fight temptation,

No blood seeps from underneath,

My eyes shut,

The darkness keeps to itself,

Its secret sheltered,

In times of Silence, like this,

Sometimes the shadow creeps,

In search to fulfill thirst,

Before moonlight's grace has gone,

On the cusp of dawn,

I awake and I know,

The deed is done,

When sunshine greets,

Along with the moon, the demon sleeps,

We shall meet,




The End

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