At least thats what i think

After some recent holidays I have I realised how significantly happier I am away from the rat race.

For you: Hell

On the hill: on the hill grey, bland a structure blends into the land, the dark wet and cold, No place for a human to live and grow old.

No switch: no switch to flick, to warm the toes, eaten by the cold of those, who've struggled through the storm, no heaters or electric blankets to warm.

Cut off: cut off from everything everyone needs, to live, to know, no news to read, who won the x factor, big brother, the world cup the champions league, did hearts move down or up. No tv or internet, boredom sets in, over thinking, no din in the background to distract Silence.................awkward silence.

No shops: No shops to buy supplies or takeaway fries, You can't have what you want when you want always denied. You can't order on line or just eat, Indian, Chinese, pizza hut, dominoes, kebabs, chippys, no greasy meats.

A place dark lonely and cold no place for a human to live and grow old

A building.....nowhere.

For you: Hell

For me: Heaven

On the hill: The beautiful structure stands out against the green surround, The land bright, rain drops glisten of the ground, For miles, views. A place to grow old and live out my youth.

No switch: No switch to flick for unnatural light, A warm wood fire glowing red, a sight one is fond of after chopping the wood, to give the flames their natural food.

Cut off: Cut off from everything that no-one really needs. Time to think and explore a good book to read, no need to know all the nonsense of reality TV, just hear the wind through the trees and the swell of the sea. Self made entertainment, the best kind. A new place to discover a secret to find. Silence...............beautiful silence.

No shops: No shops just fresh produce grown or found, pulled from the hand worked self cared for ground, Imagination in the kitchen, a fusion, the options it brings. Cooking from nature a real feast for the kings.

For miles, Views. A place to grow old and live out my youth

A cottage on Jura or Mull

For me: Heaven

The End

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