Aston Martin

A bit corney but fun all the same

Aston Martin

Who cares if im cute or ugly
Or if im demure or bubbly.
Who cares if im poor or wealthy
Or weather im sick or healthy.
Who cares if grey hairs are starting
Cos I have an Aston martin.

Who cares if im sane or crazy
Or if im active or lazy.
Who cares if im largesse or tight
Or if I can't read or write.
Who cares if my girls departing
I’ll still have my Aston martin.

Who cares if im scruffy or dapper
Or if im getting thinner or fatter.
Who cares if im religious or heathen
Or if I’ll go to hell or go to heaven.
Who cares if im crass or charming
When im driving an Aston martin.

Who cares if im macho or feminine
Or if im pretentious or genuine
Who cares if led zeppelin re form
Or if I read poetry or watch porn
Who cares if the tempest ain’t calming
Im nice and dry in my Aston Martin

Who cares if I own or I lease
Or if im a man of war or peace.
Who cares if James bond isn't real
He and I still have the same wheels.
Who cares if im crap at parking
When im askew in an Aston martin.


The End

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