Everybody makes assumptions
Some bad, some great
But never right;

That’s why they’re assumptions.

They call her large,
Say she eats all the time
It’s her fault she’s this way
She deserves to be put down-
Deserves to be shunned-
Because hey, she still eats anyway.

Did you never once wonder if that was really the truth?
That maybe, there was something else-
Someone else
Did you ever ask her if she was okay?
If there was something wrong,
Why she didn’t show up for lunch?
Why she dropped out of school?

You though she was sick-
Probably ate too much;

But there’s the word again- probably
It’s not the truth, not a fact-
It doesn’t even qualify as maybe

Because you were wrong;

She was sick-
So sick
But it wasn’t because she ate-
No, because she hadn’t-
eaten, that is,
Not since you told her to stop-
Told her she was too fat
Too ugly, too undeserving,
Told her to quit while she still could;

She assumed too,
Thought you meant completely
Until she became what she hoped you’d like,
Hoped you’d accept

But it was too much-
Too little too soon,
Her body shut down,
Stopped working
Piece by piece-

Tears were shed because
She did have a home, she was loved-
But not enough;
Her parents lowered her cold body to the ground,
Weeping, knowing they could do nothing
But watch as their little girl was swallowed into the ground;

But you still laughed,
Still teased and hurt
Anyone else not on your scale of perfect;
Didn’t even once stop and ask about her

Where is she?
Is she okay?

Because you’d never remember,
But they’d never forget.  

The End

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