Sad/Mad Stuff

Teoday was one of those days
I hope that it was just a phase
Sanity barely exists anymore
I'd like to collapse and lie on the floor

My patience has worn right through
So I don't mean to snap at you
But right now I'd like to be alone
Before I do something I can't condone

This poem is escape, for where
Do I go to better? Not there!
Not friends, nor family, not parents either
I'd just like to write, and take a quick breather

It's a method both true and tried
Even when my brain is fried
I can always spin out a verse
Because my conscience do they nurse

I'm feeling better now, so thanks
I'm now safely on the banks
Of indifference and a possibly happy
I hope the rest of my day is quite snappy

Goodbye! Toodles! See you next time!
And thanks for reading this silly old rhyme.

The End

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